Its purpose is to find companies that have become routine good practices with employees, customers and suppliers and that permanently fight against corruption, lack of ethics and unfair practices that go against business prestige.

This year they found one in Colombia. It is the Tecnoglass company, one of the largest windows in the world that from Barranquilla supplies high quality glass to construction companies in several countries of the world, especially in the North American market.

For the panel of analysts of the publication, which for months and after selecting Tecnoglass initiated a series of inquiries, the company is an example of doing things well.

The members of this panel, which are a kind of qualifying jury, concentrated their attention on the high quality standards of the company’s products, its relationship with employees, the stock of suppliers and the high level of prestige it reports among its members. customers.

Tecnoglass has close to six thousand employees and supplies more than five thousand real estate projects around the world.

Its products are recognized in several continents and its inclusion in the Nasdaq stock market in 2013 has made it a business reference in the continent.

This Friday June 29 at the facilities of the London stock exchange the company received the award.

Andrea Zambrano Legal Director & Corporate Affairs of the brand said at the end of the short act, which consists of an in-depth interview that will be broadcasted in the digital channels of the publication, that this recognition is the result of a dynamic undertaken several years ago by the company and that in it corporate governance is a high value and very important purpose.

… “For Tecnoglass and its heads Corporate Governance is paramount, here these practices are understood as a non-negotiable and non-negotiable purpose that leads us all, within the company, to think differently, to convert ethics and transparency into a purpose permanent in all areas of work. “

The publication takes special care in analyzing in the long term this type of practice in companies to confirm that they are a constant and are not casual episodes.

Thirty-one companies were recognized worldwide by the publication this year, of which only four are Latin American, including Tecnoglass.