Hong Kong Protests: Activist Joshua Wong Released, Protestors Demand Lam to Resign
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Hong Kong Protests: Activist Joshua Wong Released, Protestors Demand Lam to Resign 

Monday morning saw Joshua Wong, a prominent activist of Hong Kong’s 2014 Umbrella Movement, being released from the Lai Chi Kok Correctional Facility. Wong, also the co-founder of Demosisto Party, was released amidst the continued protests asking for the resignation of Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

Following the massive protests and banks re-opening their branches to continue their work, Lam has partially given in to the demands of the demonstrators and has postponed the bill indefinitely. It is believed that an approximate of two million protestors came together against the extradition bill, which sparked massive unrest.

Prior to the release of Joshua Wong, protestors joined hands in large numbers building the largest protest since the Tiananmen Square Protests to mount pressure on the Chief Executive.

Along with the other set of demands, including the one to make the bill void and an apology from the law authorities for the usage of tear gas and rubber bullets against the protestors, the people also demanded for Lam’s resignation from the office of the Chief Executive.

The office of the Chief Executive released a statement late Sunday agreeing to her failure in managing the extradition bill that “led to a lot of conflict and disputes”.

22-year-old Joshua Wong, after serving five weeks of the two-month sentence for contempt of court, before joining the protests said that the protests “shows the commitment of Hong Kong’s people to protect our freedom”.

“In the future, I hope governments around the world will support activists in Hong Kong that face prosecution and also physical assault from the police force,” Wong said.

Speaking on the extradition bill he added, “I will join to fight against this evil law. I believe this is the time for her, Carrie Lam the liar, to step down.” He also went to the memorial of the person who died after hanging a banner on scaffolding.

The Hong Kong protest on the extradition bill is the prime example of people’s urge of not letting go of their hold on democracy. Also, Joshua Wong’s release and his joining the movement might soon lead to a new turn in the protests.

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