Alcohol is a reason of 5 percent of deaths across the world 

Last updated on August 28th, 2020

Alcohol is a reason of 5 percent of deaths across the world

According to the official study of the World Health Organization Found alcohol is standing behind 5 percent of deaths internationally.

The recent study from WHO raises concern on the number of deaths across the world that were caused by alcohol. The same study says that the most vulnerable group is young people, teenagers who affected by alcohol.

Every 4 years, WHO makes its official report on health and alcohol damage. And new data shows that the main target of alcohol is young people.

According to the source, alcohol was the reason of 7.2 premature cases of death, there are 13.5 percent of deaths from alcohol among those who are in 20s. Of the all deaths from alcohol reported in 2016 year, 75 percent were male.

What does it mean alcohol-related deaths? It means injuries caused by alcohol drinkings, like car crashes or health disorders. For example, from injuries caused by the use of alcohol, as a car crash and suicide, were killed 29 percent from a total number. While from digestive disorders, which are also called by alcohol, were registered 21 percent of deaths, and cardiovascular disease took 19 percent.

Alcohol intake may lead to many more other diseases, mental illness, cancers, and even disorders.

Alcohol expert in WHO Vladimir Poznyak says that the damage of health from alcohol is enormously large, but the latest figures don’t show the whole tragedy. In many countries, according to the expert, young people start to take alcohol even before 15 years old.

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