American Voters Sent a Shocking Reaction on the Ongoing US-China Trade War
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American Voters Sent a Shocking Reaction on the Ongoing US-China Trade War 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

Republicans residing in the states, that are susceptible to Chinese retaliation and increased tariffs, didn’t get hurt due to the US China trade war of 2018. It becomes evident in the results of midterm elections held on Tuesday.

Taxes imposed mainly on the provinces mostly depended on the farming and the regions, that are supposed to suffer a huge loss if the US proceeds in enmity against China (the chief counterpart of the US in export. Candidates who were talking against Trump’s tariffs didn’t win the battle this time. On the contrary, people who supported his idea was still in the game.

Hence, Trump isn’t feeling any urge to minimize the terms of foreign trade policy. However, a plot twist is still awaiting later this month. Yes, two political sensations the U.S. president and Chinese President Xi Jinping are going to come face to face. The historical moment will be recorded in Argentina along with Group of 20 summits.

Now, let’s give a glance at the high voltage issues this Tuesday’s results bring into existence:

Key Trade Races

The losing of Senate seat by the Democrat Claire McCaskill. The position went under the grip of Republican Josh Hawley in Missouri. This result was due to McCaskill’s statement on US China trade war. She claimed that the trade war is causing harmful impacts on the ranchers and farmers along with manufacturers belonged to the sate. Real Clear Politics explained this race as a tossup heading, though!

Mike, the Republican Congressman, kept on holding his position whereas Democrat Brendan Kelly got no place amidst the parliament this time though he expected to be the winner from the votes cast by the people of the Granite City Works mill. His reasoning was clear because this mill is conducted under the U.S. Steel which wholeheartedly promoted Trump’s tariffs put especially on steel and aluminum.

In North Dakota, Heidi Heitkamp from the Democratic party also experienced a heartbreak by losing her Senate seat Kevin Cramer, the supporter of the Republican party. As we are informed, even before the vote started, Heidi was pursuing with 9 points. Besides, she was seen to speak against Trump’s tariffs.

Kyrsten Sinema, who voiced against Trump’s tariffs describing its negative on the farmers and other businesses based on Arizona, got defeated by Republican Martha McSally. The escape McSally underwent by winning was really low, still, a winner is, by all means, a winner.

In Ohio, Democrat Sherrod Brown smiled hearing the election result. His victory over the Republican Jim Renacci was again due to his promoting Trump’s business policy and tariffs related with steel.

With a different approach, Democrat Joe Donnelly wanted to bring forth his idea through TV ads. Kantar Media’s CMAG opined that it was broad-casted more than the news related to  Senate contest. However, Democrat Joe Donnelly, the protectors of American manufacturers went off the track in Indiana.

Democrat Randy “Ironstache” Bryce failed to win the election this time. He was a candidate for the seat which was renounced by Paul Ryan, the House Speaker. The winning candidate is  Bryan Steil from the Republican.

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