Anxiety in Germany over UN migration pact
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Anxiety in Germany over UN migration pact 

A survey carried out with 2,062 German participants by The Insa Institute, have shown that about 40 percent of the populace fear that the UN Migration Pact will let migrants flood their country. The participants were responding to the statement in the study: “I fear that the signing of the UN Migration Pact could lead to additional claims for asylum”.

Reports by Deutsche Presse-Agentursay 40 percent of the respondents feared that the UN declaration would enable migrants have greater rights in the quest of getting asylum in Germany.An almost equal number of respondents picked ‘don’t know’ or did not answer, with just 22.7 percent saying that they don’t think there would be risks of increased asylum seekers.

The Migration Pact will be signed in Marrakesh, Morocco on December 10-11, with signatories being required to provide welfare systems to illegal aliens, while committing to the elimination of all forms of discrimination.There would be provisions, which includes promotion of diversity and also prevention of hate speech by the state.

The United Nations claim that the agreement is non-binding, but legal experts beg to differ. They argue that it the drafted will have a legal grey area as well.

The leader of the opposition populist party has said that the German government has been deceitful with the public over the controversial UN Migration Pact.

The survey was conducted for the Union of Values, which is a union of thousands of Christian Democratic Union members and the Christian Social Union. Alexander Mitch, the Federal President said that the CDU/CSU must take the concerns of its members seriously by making sure that the Federal Government and the Bundestag desist from making commitments that could turn out to become binding.

The CDU will meet in December for their party conference just before the signing of the UN document in Morocco. However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has given a strong signal for her support for the pact by launching an attack on the concerns over the pact as ‘nationalism in its purest form’.

Internal documents from the Federal Foreign Office has revealed that the German Chancellor’s government was behind the pact, with claims that the agreement have been in the works since 2016. This was after Merkel, placed a suspension on the rules of EU asylum, inviting over a million migrants from the Global South into Europe.

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