To End Declining Sales, Apple Set to Launch Cheap iPhone in 2020
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To End Declining Sales, Apple Set to Launch Cheap iPhone in 2020 

In order to win back it’s reducing customers, tech giant Apple is planning to launch a new cheap iPhone in the coming spring. The previous phones launched by the firm have all been highly priced and do not come in the affordable range of the middle class consumers. Because of the same reason iPhone has lost its hold in China and Huawei Technologies has taken over.

If sources are to be trusted, a major price cut in the iPhone series would be announced in 2020. In 2018, the best value iPhones available costed between the price range of £749/$749 to £1,449/$1,449, leaving a big hole in the customer’s pockets.

An expert analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities said that the new phone to be launched by Apple will be a cheap iPhone. He added, “This phone is heavily focused on capturing demand with more sensitive price points. We believe $499 would be the starting price.”

About the launch of the phone, he said that Apple usually reserves its iPhone launches for autumn – a major Apple event is coming on September 10, where we’ll probably see three new iPhones.

Commenting on the sales in the US and the UK, Dan said, “Only emerging markets will be the focus in our opinion, it would be a surprise to see this in the US and Europe as it could cannibalise sales of iPhone 11 base model.”

Paolo Pescatore of PP Foresight highlighted that the biggest challenge would be to maintain a premium for what some users would see as incremental upgrades. Further, he said if Apple is holding back on releasing significant revolutionary new features and design until 2020.

The cheap iPhone version will definitely not be supporting 5G. But Apple claims that it will start this in all new launches in the coming year.

Speaking to a renowned news site, CCS Insight’s Ben Wood said, “Rumours consistently surface about Apple offering a lower cost iPhone but it is far from clear it will go in this direction. Although not offering a cheap iPhone could result in Apple potentially missing out on market share gains in volume terms, the margins on lower cost devices are likely not that attractive compared to its other flagship products.”

Reliable sources told that the size of the device would be similar to the 2017’s iPhone 8, which had a 4.7-inch screen. As of now, no name or price tag has been finalised for the phone. It has been reported that most of the components of the new cheap iPhone would be the same as Apple’s coming line of flagship phones. However, the low cost phone would not have an organic-light-emitting-diode screen. The older LCD displays project pixels via a layer of glass. The OLED screens project pixels from the screen itself.

Not much has been revealed about the new launch, but we are hoping that the Apple event to be held on September 10 will reveal more details about the cheap iPhone to be launched in 2020.

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