Apple TV Plus – the new “show stopper” in TV streaming service
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Apple TV Plus – the new “show stopper” in TV streaming service 

November 1 is going to be a great day for Apple lovers as Apple announces its own streaming television service – Apple TV Plus at surprisingly low price of $5 a month.

Best known for being a premium brand for products and services, the price announced is reasonably low. Most of the analysts expected the tech giant to charge around $8 to $10 per month for Apple TV Plus. The pricing tactic used by Apple has surely grabbed the investors’ attention as Netflix stocks dropped by 2% on Tuesday.

As stated by Colin Gillis, director of research at Chatham Road Partners, the price set by Apple reveals its seriousness to gain market share. He added that the company will probably take a loss “as it plays catch-up”.

With the introduction of this service, Apple is stepping up to give tough competition to widely acknowledged streaming service provider, Netflix.

Ever since it entered the market in 2007, Netflix has captured more than more than 150 million subscribers. Surpassing this existing count will be a tough job for Apple TV Plus.

In the launch event of iPhone 11 held on September 10, CEO Tim Cook refrained from saying much about the TV service apart from revealing the price and debut date.

As per reports, Reed Hasting, CEO of Netflix has always taken competition from upcoming TV service providers with an optimistic view. He said that the increased competition is positive for everyone as it gives customers the space to create their own entertainment library instead of accepting the existing high-prized bundles put together by cable and satellite TV services.

Keeping at par with Netflix originals like 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things and many more, Apple has been spending humungous amounts of money for original programs. The most awaited series – The Morning Showis a comedy series starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrell.

Apple TV Plus will only be launching Apple’s original programming in 100 countries so far. As per sources, nine original shows and films will be launched, with more expected each month.

Another striking news for Apple lovers is the launch of a new video game subscription service titled Apple Arcade. The subscribers of the service will be able to play more than 100 games that are exclusive to this service.

In order to lure people to use its streaming service along with dealing with the recent drop in sales, Apple has announced free TV access to anyone who buys an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac.

Breaking the full season release pattern used by Netflix, Apple has announced that it will premiere three episodes followed by one new episode every week. Although, some of the series will be released in full in order to intrigue the subscriber’s interest.

As per news, Apple TV Plus will be available inside its improved version of the TV app along with HBO.

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