Asia-Pacific Countries Witness a Spike in COVID-19 Cases

Asia-Pacific Countries Witness a Spike in COVID-19 Cases 

Last updated on August 28th, 2020

As of Thursday, the number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia crossed 3,000 after 208 new cases were found. More than 50 people, aged between 37 and 85, have died due to the infection.

The confirmed cases in the Philippines rose to 2,633 after 322 new cases were recorded. The government introduced new measures in the country to fight the coronavirus and limit its spread. People living in areas under enhanced community quarantine are required to wear masks and other protective equipment to avoid the spread of the disease.

Bhutan has confirmed five positive COVID-19 cases after a Bhutanese student, who returned from the US, tested positive.

In Bangladesh, the number rose to 56 from 54 on Wednesday, with six people dead.

By Thursday, Indonesia recorded the highest number of deaths in Southeast Asia due to the coronavirus. Approximately 170 people died. A spokesperson for the Indonesian government said that the confirmed cases climbed to 1,790, with 112 patients recovered.

One of the world’s largest democratic country, India, reported the death of a 55-year-old coronavirus victim from the Asia’s largest slum located in Mumbai on Wednesday night. The man had no foreign travel history and was the owner of a local garment shop. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India has crossed 1,965, with almost 50 victims dead. India has imposed a nationwide lockdown until April 14.

Including the cases from the virus-hit Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined in Yokohama, near Tokyo in Japan, the death toll spiked to 82 in the country, with more than 2,500 confirmed cases.

Despite having declared an emergency rule to contain the virus, Thailand reported approximately 1,875 cases by Thursday.

On the other hand, China – the epicentre of the virus – has donated 50,000 medical masks and 1,008 COVID-19 test kits along with other medical supplies to Sri Lanka to contain the pandemic in the country and show solidarity.

Australia is spending US$2.4 million on online courses for 20,000 nurses to prepare them for deployment in intensive care units, as the total number of deaths in Australia reached 24. The country is also adding more than 40,000 former health practitioners to join the frontline against the coronavirus.

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