Beijing’s Asian Culture Carnival Aspires to Unite Different Civilizations
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Beijing’s Asian Culture Carnival Aspires to Unite Different Civilizations 

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan attended the grand Asian Culture Carnival held at the National Stadium in Beijing on Wednesday evening. The carnival was organised alongside the Conference on Asian Civilizations Dialogue (CDAC) and parallel panel on “safeguarding the diversity of Asian civilizations”.

The carnival took place at the National Stadium in Beijing that has a capacity of 80,000. The stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, was the platform for the Beijing Olympics Games in 2008.

The event scheduled for seven days includes opening ceremony, panel discussions, an Asian culture carnival, and Asian Civilization Week involving more than 110 activities, displaying their tradition.

 A large number of people gathered together to look forward to the evening performances, which included folk dances, instrumental music, and singers from different countries, representing their culture and serving as a bridge between different nations.  

The Asian Culture Carnival represented the differing traditions of various nations by their native performers who felt triumphantly honoured with the audience’s response in the stadium. As people recalled the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics Games, the visual effects along with the latest technologies used at the stadium’s stage enhanced the beauty of the performances.

By hosting the Asian Culture Carnival alongside the conferences in the name of safeguarding the diverse civilizations, China aims to bring all the countries together for a better understanding of the outside world. Around 1,500 experts from different nations attending the conference aim to promote intercultural dialogue in view of constructing an “Asian Community of Shared Future”.

The opening ceremony included a speech by the Chinese president, signifying the glorious history, and his thanks to the vast diversities of the Asian civilizations.

“Tonight, the colourful flowers of Asian cultures will blossom in full”, Xi said.

“Arts will transcend the boundaries of nations, touch people right in the heart, and connect their minds, showing to the world a radiant, dynamic, peaceful, and progressive Asia,” he added.

President Xi also anticipated that both the Asian and the European countries would help China in advancing with the rest of the world, considering them the “priority zone”. His statements at the opening ceremony of the CDAC seemed to be stressing on his existing Belt and Road Initiative to strengthen China’s connectivity with the world.  

The unfolding of various dialogue conferences and events in the Asian Culture Carnival would improve China’s diplomatic and international relations with other nations, regardless of the fact that China already is a powerful economy.

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