Bangkok Bombings: Six blasts leave four injured

Bangkok Bombings: Six blasts leave four injured 

Friday morning, Thailand was rattled after multiple bombs exploded in the capital Bangkok, while the city was preparing for a salient speech from Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State.

Pompeo is visiting the country as Bangkok is hosting major security meetings with diplomats from the US, China, the UK and Russia.

The multiple Bangkok bombings have injured at least four people. Six explosions took place at three different locations across the city next to a busy skytrain commuter station called BTS Chong Nonsi, on one of the city’s busiest main roads Rama 9 and the third explosion occurred at a government building which organised the meet for several ministries on the northern side of the city.

The first two explosions were heard during the rush hours, just before 09:00 am.

The explosions occurred right before Pompeo’s speech, in which he lauded the successful return of Thailand to democracy, after the efficiently carried out elections in March.

Amongst the injured, three were women cleaning the streets and the other is a security guard who got injured near the 77-storey King Power Mahanakhon building. However, none of the injured has received grievous injuries.

The Erawan Medical Center treated the injured and said, “none are serious and all are receiving medical attention at hospitals.”

During the investigation, it has been revealed that the devices used in the multiple Bangkok bombings were several small homemade “ping pong bombs”, around the size of a tennis ball.

It has also come into light that the bombs were designed to shame and demean the new government instead of causing major damage or casualties. The authorities have also arrested two suspects who are believed to have connection with the incidents.

Following the blasts, Thailand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed for an investigation on the blasts happened.

“On the bombing this morning, I would like to condemn those causing the situation which destroys peace and damages the country’s image. I have instructed officials to take care of public safety and those affected promptly”, Chan-o-cha said.

He further added, “The situation is being closely monitored and security measures have been tightened. The public is urged not to panic”.

None of the radical groups have claimed responsibility for the Bangkok bombings. The other relief that comes amidst the blasts is that none of the blasts were in the immediate area of the meeting venue.

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