Budweiser Group Ceases Plastic Usage for Four-Beer Cans in UK
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Budweiser Group Ceases Plastic Usage for Four-Beer Cans in UK 

Considering the Corporate Social Responsibility of a firm and the environmental need of the hour, brewing firm Budweiser Group is going to cease usage of single-use plastic pack rings from its entire range of the UK manufactured beer. Some of its best brands including Stella Artois, Bud Light and Budweiser will be active participants of this sustainable initiative that is planned to be executed by the end of 2020.

As opposed to the plastic packaging currently used, Budweiser Group is investing nearly £6.3m to upgrade production at two of its UK factories to introduce plastic free packaging techniques for the four-beer cans. The firm will use recyclable paperboard, wraps and boxes for the same.

This shift will save 850 tonnes of plastic every year which is the same weight as 425 black cabs or 67 double-decker buses.

For this, Budweiser Group will have to remove 250 tonnes of plastic rings previously used to keep beer cans together. Also, the brewer will remove 600 tonnes of shrink film used mostly as extra packaging around trays for shipping.

Being one of the world’s biggest brewer, Budweiser group has beers loved by people across the globe. Manufacturing more than 870m cans per year, the brand is the UK arm of brewing giant Ab Inbev.

Commenting on the move, the President of Budweiser Brewing Group UK and Ireland, Paula Lindenberg said, “This announcement ensures that the UK’s favourite beers will soon come in recyclable paperboard packaging, so consumers can make better choices. We’re proud of the work we’ve already done but we realised more needed to be done to address the issue of single-use plastics.”

Keeping in line with the sustainability motif, the brewer is switching locally sourced barley and 100% renewable electricity using solar power.

Through this move, the Budweiser Group hopes that the other brewing companies will also take appropriate measures to remove plastic from the beer shelves of the supermarkets.

It is already known that the usage of plastic in the making of beer cans increases the ocean plastic and risks the life of aquatic beings even further.

We Believers recently made edible plastic rings for keeping the beer cans together. Gustavo Lauria, co-founder of We Believers, said, “If our six pack ring ends up in the ocean in a matter of hours it starts breaking down, which also addresses the issue of animals getting stuck in them”.

In 2018, Carlsberg stated its plans to use recyclable glue instead of the harmful rings. Even Diageo has removed plastic packaging previously used for its multipack soft drink cans and replaced with 100 percent recyclable cardboard all over. 

By 2025, Budweiser aims to make 100 percent of its packaging returnable or manufacture it using majority recyclable content.

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