Burger King Goes Environment Friendly: Ends Plastic Toys Sale
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Burger King Goes Environment Friendly: Ends Plastic Toys Sale 

American fast food chain Burger King has recently appealed public to help it reduce plastic waste by giving away free kids meals to people who return plastic made toys to the restaurant.

Also, the fast food restaurant has announced that from now on it will cease the sale of plastic toys with children’s meals. To make the campaign named “Meltdown”, a complete success, amnesty bins will be put in every restaurant across the UK.

People who participate in the campaign from September 19 to 30 will be gifted with a free of cost King Junior Meal on purchase of any adult meal.

Commenting on the recent agenda to make a better environment for all, the UK Marketing Director of Burger King, Katie Evans said, “It is impossible to ignore the growing problem excessive plastic waste is causing and we are glad to be taking action. At Burger King we know we can positively contribute to finding new, more sustainable solutions, long term.”

She added, “We’re inviting customers to donate their unwanted plastic toys and working with Pentatonic, we’re excited to give them a fresh start. We recognised that by replacing them with a more sustainable solution there was an opportunity for us to make a radical change with Meltdown – one of the first of many.”

Alasdair Murdoch, the Chief Executive of Burger King UK, praised the food giant for making a start saying that the step is being taken in the right direction. He added that if this move urges their competitors to take their practices forward, then it be the best of all.

The sustainability drive comes after the recent petition organised by two kids in Hampshire, named Ella and Caitlin McEwan. The two girls aged nine and seven claimed that the giant companies should begin to “think of the environment and stop giving plastic toys with their kids’ meals”. The petition filed under change.org has till date received more than half a million signatories.

The girls suggested that besides selling plastic-made toys, giveaways could be made from sustainable materials. They wrote, “Children only play with the plastic toys they give us for a few minutes before they get thrown away and harm animals and pollute the sea.”

The petition significantly impacted competitors of Burger King such as McDonalds. You can sign it too!

As per sources, McDonalds announced that its customers will be given a choice between a toy and a fruit.

Previously, McDonald’s welcomed the environment conscious drive by urging kids in Japan to return their old Happy Meal toys which would then be modified for the making of restaurant trays.

With respect to the recent move, the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King said, “Work is currently under way across all of our markets to look at how we can completely move away from non-biodegradable plastic toys by 2025.”

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