Problems Continue for Carlos Ghosn while his Wife Leaves Japan, Feeling Unsafe

Problems Continue for Carlos Ghosn while his Wife Leaves Japan, Feeling Unsafe 

Carole Ghosn, the wife of Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Nissan has left Japan and flew to France using another passport as she felt unsafe after the recent arrest of her husband.

In an interview with the French weekly published on Sunday, Journal du Dimanche, Carole said that she saw the local authorities arresting her husband and “felt in danger” when officers seized her Lebanese passport.

She further said that she fled from Japan on Friday using a different passport and was supported by the French ambassador. She stated that, “He didn’t leave me until the plane. Up to the last second, I didn’t know if they were going to let me fly. It was surreal.”

French Ambassador’s role in the escape of Carole can lead to conflicts between France and Japan, over the highly sensitive case. This case involves Nissan and the France based car company Renault, both of which were previously headed by Ghosn.

Describing the latest updates on the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, his lawyers said that the arrest was an attempt to silence him.

Carole mentioned to the newspaper that her husband had recorded a video interview in English before his detention and “He names the people responsible for what has happened to him. The lawyers have it. It will be released soon.”

Carole, in an interview with the Financial Times before taking the flight to France, said that “I think the French government should do more for him. I don’t think he’s had enough support and he’s calling for assistance. As a French citizen, it should be a right.”

She further added that the prior imprisonment of 108 days turned him into “a different person”. She also mentioned that it was not possible for her husband to lead a normal life under bail conditions.

Carlos Ghosn was arrested on Thursday on the charges of embezzlement for the fourth time since November 2018. He has the citizenship of France, Lebanon and Brazil. He has denied the charges made against him and has asked the French government to help him.

An official from the office of French President Emmanuel Macron, said on Sunday, “We fully exercise consular protection. The French ambassador is in regular contact and the wife of Carlos Ghosn has been received by the (Elysée) Secretary General during his (Ghosn) previous incarceration.”

Junichiro Hironaka the lead lawyer of Carlos Ghosn said on Thursday that the prosecutors confiscated the mobile phone of Carlos and his wife, along with the former’s documents, notebooks and diaries, and his wife’s passport.

Mr. Ghosn is accused of financial misconduct and high breach of trust as he did not report around $82 million of income. After getting released on $9 million bail on March 6, Carlos claimed to be the victim of the plan by current board members of Nissan.

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