China Angered with US-Taiwan’s Increasing Diplomatic ties
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China Angered with US-Taiwan’s Increasing Diplomatic ties 

Since the end of the formal diplomatic ties between the US and Taiwan in 1979, the foreign affairs ministry of Taiwan on Saturday confirmed that they had their first meeting with the US security officials earlier this month. The news came as displeasure for China, which has been battling with the US tariffs amid the escalating trade war.  

The meeting took place during David Lee’s visit to the US earlier this month, where he met with White House’s national security adviser John Bolton. Throughout the trip, the former met with the other US government officials and the representatives from diplomatic allies. The aim was to gain maximum support to free and open Indo-Pacific region, which would promote freedom of navigation and free trade, bringing economic prosperity along with peace and stability.

Taiwan’s meeting with the US angered China, which has resorted to various measures in the past to limit Taiwan’s diplomatic ties with other nations. They have ramped up military drills around Taiwan to raise international pressure and to assert its sovereignty over the island, considering it a part of “one China”. The aim was to isolate the island internationally.

More recently, the US has attempted to increase the frequency of movement through the Taiwan Strait, which separates the island of Taiwan from mainland China. As a result, the Chinese officials have been viewing the US meeting with Taiwan as an additional threat. China’s Foreign Ministry representative Lu Kang has also expressed his dissatisfaction against the rare meeting.

Considering Taiwan to be a democratic island separated from China, Taiwan’s security officials considered the meeting as a positive sign, with greater support from the US government. They have increased efforts to reduce their dependency on China, bringing in various policies.

Even though the meeting was to strengthen Taiwan’s diplomatic ties, it had an adverse impact on the country’s relations with Beijing. Along with the consistent US-China trade war that has led to great losses  in both the powerful economies, Taiwan’s support to the US has largely raised tensions amongst the Chinese officials.  

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