China Strives to Control African Swine Flu Affecting the Hogs in Beijing
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China Strives to Control African Swine Flu Affecting the Hogs in Beijing 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

The highly contagious disease, African swine Flu was found in two farms in a southwestern district of sprawling Beijing. It is the first case of the disease to be discovered in China.

The Government of Beijing is conducting strict inspections to ensure that the meat is not being supplied in the city markets, so that it cannot affect the people.

The Government and Police are taking initiatives to control African swine flu from spreading. China has issued strict bans on moving pigs out of provinces and regions infected with the disease. Some farmers are struggling to sell their pigs, due to restriction of supply in the areas.

At a press conference in Beijing, chief of the animal husbandry and veterinarian bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Feng Zhongwu stated, “Restrictions on trans-region transport of pigs and products have affected the production cycle of some enterprises.”

Further he added, “We will adjust our supervision measures based on the production and supplies situation.” He also said that the Authorities would make the transport of piglets convenient, while controlling the risk of spreading African swine fever.

Of the overall pigs sent to slaughter in China, those affected from the African swine fever are less in percentage. Hence, supplies in Beijing would not be affected by the outbreak in Fangshan.

The virus has been found in meat processed in china, but investigators have not discovered the exact cause of this virus. They said that it must have come from outside china.

Huang Baoxu, deputy director of the China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center, told reporters, “Forty-six percent of all outbreaks investigated so far have been caused by people or vehicles spreading the disease.”

According to Feng, “China has so far confirmed 73 cases of African swine fever in 20 provinces, including the latest two outbreaks in Beijing, with a total culling of 600,000 pigs as of November 22.”

According to CAAC News, China’s Xiamen Airlines have stopped serving pork from November 24 due to African swine fever outbreaks.

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