Chinese Audience Demand Uncensored Version of Game of Thrones
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Chinese Audience Demand Uncensored Version of Game of Thrones 

The Chinese audience has requested Tencent Video for the uncensored version of HBO’s most-talked about television series, The Game of Thrones, season eight.

As the much anticipated final season of the show airs after two years, the first episode of the final season was made available to the Chinese fans at the same time it was released in the US. It is one of the most trending topics in Chinese social media. The hashtag related with the show amounts to more than 100 million views on Weibo, a Chinese social media giant.

The show’s popularity has reached an extent that even the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang name-dropped the show at the summit in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Even though violence and explicit intimate scenes are the core reason for the success of the Game of Thrones, the stern Chinese censor board has deprived its audience from watching such scenes from the past seven seasons. The discontented Chinese audience has compared the censored version of the show to that of a “medieval castle documentary”.

As per South China Morning Post, censorship is visible in various scenes of the show.

For example, during the first season of Game of Thrones, the scene of Viserys fondling with the naked Daenerys after she took a bath, was removed from the show. Similarly in season seven, the scene where Samwell Tarly was asked to weigh a heart removed from a freshly opened corpse by the Archmaester was not included in the Chinese version.

Last year in June, China blocked HBO following British comedian John Oliver’s mocking of Chinese President Xi Jinping on the show, Last Week Tonight. Some of the Chinese fans have even started using VPNs to view the uncensored version of their favourite show.

The audience even took to Weibo demanding the uncensored version of the show, despite knowing that their voices will remain unheard.

While one Weibo user wrote, “I’m begging Father Tencent not to censor too much, thank you.” Another user took to social media, saying “This censored version is not interesting. I would pay money to watch the uncut version.”

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