Do contraceptive pills lead to depression?

Do contraceptive pills lead to depression? 

Contraceptive pills have liberated women for decades by giving them the right to choose. While the pill empowers her to be or not be a mommy, there are several side effects such as low libido and weight gain that have been associated with the ‘pill’. Of late, contraceptive pills have been linked to major health threats like possible blood clots and breast cancer.

The Pill and Your Mental Health

New studies have shown that contraceptive pills may be linked to poor mental health, anxiety, and depression. A recently aired BBC Two documentary talked about the dangers and ethics of the pill. Some of the findings are disturbing.

Over 100 million women worldwide take the pill. It is true, women do not want unwanted pregnancies, but they also don’t want the suicidal thoughts and mental illnesses that may well be linked to the pill.

A lot of research has been done till date on the pill, its ingredients and the harm that some of these ingredients may cause. The Progesterone hormone that has been linked to mental illness and psychiatric complications, and progesterone makes up a big part of contraceptive pills.

In a survey, one in four women felt that their mental health was affected. These are staggering figures and while it is very hard to prove that mental health issues and/or thoughts of suicide are connected to the pill, but doctors are still reluctant to connect the two.

Sometimes it takes a celebrity to make an impact. Lili Reinhart, the Riverdale star, has spoken out about her battle with depression. Vicky Spratt has done the same. Both say that they experienced feelings of depression that they are sure were connected to the pill. They are not alone. Spratt has been outspoken, saying that doctors or scientists do not want to acknowledge the problems, perhaps feeling a certain ‘loyalty’ to pharmacists. Where are the ethics? One should indeed ask.

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