Coronavirus Outbreak May Bring Changes for WHO

Coronavirus Outbreak May Bring Changes for WHO 

Last updated on May 19th, 2020

Amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been urging other world leaders to back an overhaul of World Health Organisation (WHO). He has brought forward a three-point plan and discussed the same with France, Germany, US and New Zealand.

The plan includes appointment of investigators similar to “weapons inspector” who can determine the source of such major outbreaks. Sources claim that so far, the leading nations have only shown interest in the plan but haven’t given their support.

At this crucial point of time, when the coronavirus outbreak is at its peak with over two million confirmed cases globally, US President Donald Trump has halted the funding to the WHO.

As the virus outbreak turned into a pandemic, the WHO also came under criticism for shielding China for underplaying its role in the COVID-19 outbreak and also did not share its findings with the international community. The WHO is being blamed for the pandemic as much as China is at fault.

While many countries are still in support of the WHO, it seems like the future of the organisation might not remain the same as it was prior to the pandemic.

On the other hand, Australia has denied to withhold the funding. Morrison in his three-point plan mentioned to bring in changes in the governance of the WHO, with the removal of the right of individual members to veto proposed health strategies.

He has also brought forward the point of an independent review organisation that could monitor the performance of the WHO in such a global pandemic once the coronavirus outbreak is over.

Lastly, Australian prime minister wants to give the WHO the power to investigate the cause of a disease outbreak in any country.

Soon after Morrison discussed the plan with Trump, he tweeted: “Just got off the phone with US President @realDonaldTrump. We had a very constructive discussion on our health responses to #COVID19 and the need to get our market-led and business centres economies up and running again.”

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