Cyclone Fani Leaves 38 Dead in the Indian Subcontinent
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Cyclone Fani Leaves 38 Dead in the Indian Subcontinent 

After Cyclone Fani, one of the fiercest cyclones in the past 20 years, hit the Indian subcontinent on Friday it killed at least 38 people with more than 300 injured. The cyclone comprised of the wind speed of 209 km per hour with heavy rainfall. However, an effective disaster management averted the loss of more lives.

The cyclone was met with an effective disaster management system by the Indian Red Cross Society and the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society. This led to a massive evacuation drive helping around 1.2 million and 1.6 million people from the coastal regions of India and Bangladesh, respectively.

Before Fani, hit the Indian subcontinent, the Indian Red Cross Society opened 65 shelters in Odisha and more than 15,000 people stayed in the shelters. 1500 volunteers along with staff of Red Cross used sirens, loudspeakers and forwarded more than 20 million messages to warn the people.

Post-disaster operation is under full swing as the cyclone caused great damage in Bangladesh and India. Although efforts are made to clear up the roads and restore the communications, it still might take two weeks to restore communication services effectively.

As per the initial reports, power infrastructure has suffered the damage of more than $173.7 million. Cyclone Fani left 38 people dead in the Indian subcontinent. Till now, 33 and five people have died and around 300 and 63 are injured in India and Bangladesh respectively.

Earlier, the Indian Meteorological Department mentioned on Twitter, that the cyclone is expected to move northeast and will weaken in the next six hours.

While speaking with the media, the Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, said that the cyclone had damaged the water and transport lines. He was also happy with the evacuation, since the path of the cyclone was unexpected.

He said, “We are in the process of restoring physical infrastructure.” – On HuffPost

P. Chittmma, a 45-year-old while resting on the hospital after suffering an injury of the fractured leg said, “There was no wind at night (before landfall). We thought nothing will happen.”

Although Cyclone Fani claimed 38 lives in the Indian subcontinent, still a massive evacuation and effective disaster management averted the loss of more lives. The efforts of Indian Red Cross Society have been praised by many, including UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.

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