Ditch that Christmas sweater and gift your loved ones a vacation!
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Ditch that Christmas sweater and gift your loved ones a vacation! 

Christmas presents need not always be trinkets or that bulky air-fryer that nobody really appreciates. Instead, invest your efforts in buying a ticket to some place beautiful to spend the holidays!

There are some fabulous things you can do this Christmas, including a spa experience in the Himalayas or skiing in Japan. instead of wrapping Christmas presents in shiny paper.

How to make holiday experience different?

Shop in New York

The Christmas decorations in New York are magnificent, and so are the shop windows. Stroll down the 5th Avenue, visit some theatre, hang out at Times Square and enjoy a fabulous dinner. It’s cold, dusk arrives early, it could be snowy; but New York is romantic.

A Spa Weekend in Nepal

It’s been a stressful year for pretty much everyone. Why not try a spa in the Himalayas? Book yourself into a spa for a few days, and relax and recuperate. The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa is excellent, and you could spend a little time in Kathmandu too.

Ski in Japan

Skiing in the town of Niseko is excellent, and December is the best time when the snow is powdery and perfect. There are a few different resorts in Niseko so find the one that works for you, your partner or your family.  If you don’t know how to ski, December is a great time to learn.

Ice-skate in London

London is the most wonderful city to be in during Christmas. Sure, it’s cold and it gets dark by 3.30 pm, but the Christmas lights are beautiful and the whole vibe of the city is fantastic. You can ice-skate at the rink by the Natural History Museum, and of course, see all of London’s highlights too. Hang out at Buckingham Palace, St. James Park, Harrods in Knights bridge and the Tower Bridge.Don’t miss shopping, because the Christmas sales are fab.

Get romantic in Iceland

The freezing temperatures make up for the beautiful and astonishing light. Iceland is becoming a popular destination. Temperatures around Christmas dip dramatically; so snuggling in front of a fireplace can get super romantic.

There’s more and you could choose from: Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Kenya, France, Italy, or Germany.  Book your tickets now to avoid the rising Holiday pricing.

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