Doctors are worried with rising of Alzheimer numbers 

Last updated on August 28th, 2020

Doctors are worried with rising of Alzheimer numbers

According to the latest statistics, numbers of Americans who suffer from Alzheimer will fly up in the next decades.

By the end of 2060 year, number of people who have Alzheimer will be doubled. At least that is what Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tell us. And they have proofs to show.

Official information says that Alzheimer is on the 6th place of death causes across the USA and on the 5th place among people who are 65 years old or older. The sad news is that for now this disease is irreversible, and disease is quickly spreading to memory and ability to perform small tasks as a result. For now, there is no active cure.

In 2014 year, 5 million people across the USA suffered from this disease and dementias that were related to it influenced on lives of 1.6 percent of American population. Now this number is quickly growing.

Specialists believe that by 2060 year there will be 3.3 percent of population who will suffer Alzheimer and similar dementias, which are 13.9 million Americans.

According to the Head of CDC Robert R. Redfield, MD, this study also means that population of the USA is constantly growing. It is only naturally that the number of people with Alzheimer will increase. Especially he expects the rise of dementia diseases among minorities.

Doctor says that the main key to successful fight with disease is an early diagnosis. It can give enough time to families of these people to learn how to cope with their new conditions and how to help.

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