Dyson to Deepen Roots in Singapore Despite Electric Car Project Failure
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Dyson to Deepen Roots in Singapore Despite Electric Car Project Failure 

After promising the launch of an electric car project in 2021, British technology company Dyson recently announced the closure of the much awaited project. James Dyson, CEO of the firm, in an announcement made on October 10 on the official website of the company said that the automotive team had made up a fantastic EV but the car was not commercially viable.

Despite continuous efforts by the Dyson team, they could not attract any buyers for the electric car. Expressing his emotions over the issue, James said, “though we have tried very hard throughout the development process, we simply cannot make it commercially viable. We have been through a serious process to find a buyer for the project which has, unfortunately, been unsuccessful so far.”

Failure to complete the project will mean a loss of many jobs in the company. Considering the wellbeing and job security of their employees, Dyson has said that they are working to quickly find alternative roles within the firm for as many people as possible. For those who do not wish to continue or find are not satisfied with alternative roles, will receive complete support and respect from the firm.

Dyson had already made the first cars and put them for testing. The cancelled launch however does not affect the future endeavours of the firm as James has announced that the firm will continue expansion at Malmesbury, Hullavington, Singapore and other global locations.

Sources claim that the firm would increase spending worth £200 million ($247 million) on test tracks and research and development to enhance its market share in the UK.

The two-storey facility that Dyson had announced in October 2018 to be used for the manufacture of its electric cars will be used for the making of other products like hair-dryers, vacuum cleaners or fans.

As Dyson plans to drawback the launch of electric car, Porsche has decided to team up with Boeing to make a flying electric car. After the launch of its first electric vehicle, Taycan, this recent collaboration will create real time excitement in car lovers.

Using high technology from the Aurora Flight Sciences division of Boeing, Porsche and Boeing will analyse the developing market for “premium urban air mobility”. 

Announcing the news, Steve Nordlund, the General Manager of Boeing, said, “Porsche and Boeing (BA) together bring precision engineering, style and innovation to accelerate urban air mobility worldwide”.

At a time when each company in the car industry is engaging in developing high tech cars like the electric car by Porsche, the cancelled launch of electric car project by Dyson might be a huge disappointment for Dyson lovers.

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