Deadly Earthquake Hits China’s Sichuan Province, Killing a Dozen

Deadly Earthquake Hits China’s Sichuan Province, Killing a Dozen 

An earthquake in the Chinese Sichuan Province on Monday evening has caused approximately a dozen deaths and injured more than hundred. The 5.8-magnitude earthquake created havoc in the district, while the government is taking necessary steps to help the victims.

As per the initial death toll, which indicated the death of six people, many more deaths were observed in other areas of China. Around nine people died in Changning County and three others in Qixian County. As per a report, around 12 people died in the quake and 134 were injured.

Sichuan Province, located on the Southwest of China, has a history of earthquakes. One of the most destructive earthquakes hit the district in 2008 with a powerful 7.9-magnitude, leading to deaths of thousands while innumerable people went missing.

Despite the fact that the province is to start a Sichuan-Tibet Railway, which will serve as one of the major transportation arteries, linking China and South Asia. The residents of the area fear that the construction would drive away the regional economy. However, the government claims that it would strengthen the link between Tibet with the inland areas, boosting regional economies along with convenient transportation.

The existing geological conditions and disasters have only made the situations more complex for any sorts of constructions in the area. The recent earthquake in the Sichuan Province has ruined the plans for now.

Following the earthquake, several rescuers pulled out the bodies of dead and survivors from the ruined buildings as many collapsed in the incident. Around 500 fire fighters, 5,000 tents and 10,000 cots were sent to help the ones in the disaster-prone areas.

Taking necessary precautions, the rescuers helped in relocating the individuals outside the Sichuan province, providing emergency supplies and first aids, and shifting the severely injured to the hospitals.

Not only did the earthquake make the situations inside the residential areas difficult, but also led to the destruction of several roads, which further created difficulties in transporting the injured ones.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, people viewed that the electricity polls were knocked down on the roofs of the buildings; there were holes in the brick homes while the windows and doors of many homes were broken. Several cracks appeared in the bridges connecting Yibin and Xuyong County. As a result, many minor and major highway routes were closed. 

Believing shale gas mining to be a cause of the triggered earthquake, people suspended their practices in February to prevent further disasters in the Sichuan province, which makes about 6 percent of the country’s total gas output. Despite that, the conditions remain problematic in the country.

The previous incidents indicate that the overall population in the Sichuan province resides in the areas vulnerable to earthquakes. The government should bring in strict measures to avoid building residential areas over there so that the losses occurring due to natural disasters could be minimised in the future.

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