European Commission Profess to Combat Climate Change Prior to Climate Action Summit
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European Commission Profess to Combat Climate Change Prior to Climate Action Summit 

The European Commission (EC) on Wednesday embraced a Communication to once again reinstate its strong stance on combating the Climate change. While laying the groundwork for the Climate Action Summit, which will be held in New York on 23 September, the commission remembered the efforts of the European Union (EU) to tackle the worsening climate action.

The EU has actually made genuine efforts in lieu of its Paris Agreement commitments in regards tothe Juncker Commission, making it a preference to create an Energy Union with progressive climate change policy.

Commission Vice-president for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič said, “The EU has ensured that all sectors contribute to the transition. At the Climate Action Summit, we hope our plans will inspire other countries, and we hope to be inspired. Our message is simple: Europe delivers.”

It has also made the news during the planning for the Climate Summit, EU and its 28 member states have remained true to their promise of multilateral action. Their efforts to combat climate change are entirely based on scientific research and facts.

According to the reports of Eurobarometer (a series of public opinion surveys) on climate change, not only 93 percent of the Europeans consider climate change to be a serious threat, but also 92 percent of Europeans are assisting to make the EU climate-neutral by 2050.

Prior to the Climate Action Summit in New York by UN Secretary General, the public opinion surveys conducted by European Commission reveal that the citizens of the states in EU support efforts to tackle climate change.

The surveys reveal that 93 percent of the Europeans consider climate change a “serious problem”. On the other hand, 79 percent of the citizens consider it a “very serious problem”.

Amongst all the states of the EU, Swedish people are most concerned about the grave threat of climate change. According to the Eurobarometer poll, half of the country considers global warming as the most serious threat that is looming over humanity.

Other countries like Denmark, Germany and the UK are among top six countries that share similar belief. However, Bulgaria seems to think international terrorism as a major threat looming over mankind.

With Climate Action Summit in New York closeby, the surveys do reveal a true picture of what the EU and its citizens think of the climate change. It certainly is reveling to know that people are coming together to support the government inits policies. and ensuring to employ every efforts to thwart the grave threat of Climate Change.

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