Edition of genes just to eliminate mosquitoes 

Last updated on September 26th, 2018

Edition of genes just to eliminate mosquitoes

Some experts believe it is not a very good idea. Scientists have recently rendered a number of these insects in a laboratory, which had to be sterile. They used a special tool which is called CRISPR-Cas9, that can edit genes.

It made its influence on the DNA of mosquitoes, in particular on the doublesex gene. It doubles the possibility to eradicate those mosquitoes that carry disease completely.

The research was published in Nature Biotechnology magazine on Monday.

According to the study, which was made by researchers from London Imperial College, the new technique may erase all spreading disease insects. This technology has a specific target. It kills only those who transmit malaria to human beings. It is very effective because it can follow the traits of male and female species.

The recent tests showed that 100 percent of mosquitoes were affected by their tool, after several generations.

The author of the study is a professor of microbiology and molecular parasitology, Andrea Crisanti. She works with her team in the Imperial College.

Crisanti says that there is a very small difference between the content of genes in male and female species of this insect.

Their experiment succeeds in the area where all the previous experiments have failed. There was no particular resistance of mosquitoes’ immune system, and mutant genes were not thwarted by it.

Crisanti believes they have finally created a panacea from malaria spreading by these insects. She says that the genes can no longer mutate in the insects without deadly consequences.

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