Emiliano Sala’s Body Recovered from the Wreckage of the Crashed Plane
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Emiliano Sala’s Body Recovered from the Wreckage of the Crashed Plane 

With friends, family, and fans still mourning the death and disappearance of footballer Emiliano Sala on the 21st of January 2018, it comes as a relief to know that after abandoning the search one body has been discovered from the plane wreckage discovered near Guernsey, English Channel.

Even though most people are wishing for both the bodies to be found, most people are secretly praying that the body might be that of the Argentina born professional football player who was en-route to London after a mega deal sign up with the English Premier League Cardiff Football club from his French side before he was never seen or heard due to the unfortunate incident.

The body that was recovered late on Wednesday was confirmed to be of Emiliano Sala on Thursday.

Sala, 28, was to make a debut before the incident, and his fans have been devastated by the news.  After the initial search was cancelled, a private search was conducted to recover his body for a proper burial, as desired by his family and well-wishers.

The aircraft was located 20 feet underwater in Guernsey about 21 miles north of the English Channel. A couple of airplane seats were also found close to the wreckage before a body was found in the plane, and successfully removed. The body has been identified, but the search is placed on hold by the authorities of the AAIB citing bad weather condition and tidal wave by the agency. Emiliano Sala was accompanied by pilot David Ibbotson, whose body is yet to be recovered.

Investigators looking into the disappearance of the plane are motivated to know exactly what caused the crash of the single-engine Piper Malibu aircraft.

Currently, the wreckage has been recovered, and the operation has been closed. We are waiting to hear more news concerning all the information from the analysis of the wreckage and the body.

Sala’s record deal with Cardiff was for 15 million pounds for his French club in Nantes. Emiliano Salahad signed with Cardiff on 19 January, but couldn’t play for the team.

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