England and Australia Likely to Wear Names and Numbers on Test Shirts
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England and Australia Likely to Wear Names and Numbers on Test Shirts 

Breaking the stereotype, Cricket teams of England and Australia are likely to wear shirts with their names and numbers written at the back during this year’s Ashes. The teams will make history in the 142 years of test history.

The five-match series will commence on 1st August at Edgbaston following the home world cup reign. England will look forward to regaining the coveted urn it lost in Australia in 2017-18. The tournament for the first time will be played under the banner of the International Cricket Council’s new World Test Championship. Further, across the span of 2 years, top 9 sides of the world will compete for points before the final showdown in 2021, which will crown the first ever champion.

The names and numbers on back of the players as a plan by the ICC, also indicates the increasing need for identification of players, especially at the time when they are on the field. Cricket has certainly changed over the years, from first coloured shirts, which featured in the 1992 World cup, to player names printed across shoulders in 1999 Word Cup, interesting developments in the arena have kept the game going.

However, test cricket has been played in the whites since the first ever cricket match between England and Australia in Melbourne in 1877 got the game officially underway. The latest move to put squad numbers and name is yet to be confirmed by the ICC, but at the same time it is also expected to draw criticism from traditionalists, who might think that it is against the cricketing norms.

Besides, according to a recent survey by MCC, 86% of 13,000 respondents said that test cricket is their favourite format to watch, despite which the ICC has shown signs to make changes to the format.

Players are expected to choose their squad number from 1 to 99 and put the same number behind their backs for the limited-overs format.

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