History Made with Four English Clubs in European Football Finals
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History Made with Four English Clubs in European Football Finals 

Last updated on May 15th, 2019

For the first time in the history of the European Football, four of the English clubs have successfully managed to be a part of the same proud historic moment. With Arsenal and Chelsea in the final of Europa League and Liverpool and Tottenham in the final of Champions League – England is the first country to have four clubs in the finals of UEFA league in the same year.

History was made on Thursday as Arsenal and Chelsea defeated Valencia and Eintracht Frankfurt respectively in the semi-final of the Europa League.

The historic moment, having all four teams from a single nation in the European Football finals, mostly consisted of miracles. Earlier on Wednesday, Tottenham miraculously defeated Ajax in the second semi-final of the Champions League, despite the trail of 1-0 from the first semi-final.

Similarly on Tuesday, Liverpool made an impressive comeback in the second semi-final of Champions League as they defeated Barcelona by 4-0, after trailing by 0-3 from the first semi-final.

While Arsenal was easily able to get past the Valencia, increasing the lead of first semi-final to 7-3, Chelsea had to break sweat to score a win against Eintracht Frankfurt by penalty shootout after a second draw of 1-1 on Thursday.

With Arsenal and Chelsea in the final of the Europa League, all the four clubs Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham became part of the European Football history.

This moment is so rare, that even Spain, the most authoritative country in the European football world, had only three representatives in the two finals of 2015-2016.  

Being a part of the European Football history, Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri said, “In England the level is very high and the Premier League is the best championship in Europe.”

Similarly, Former Tottenham and Chelsea midfielder Glenn Hoddle also expressed his happiness, saying, “It’s wonderful for English football, and you can only see those four clubs getting stronger.”

“Don’t be surprised if finals will be full of English teams [in the future]. Let’s celebrate this season. All four teams should be proud of the way they played,” he added.

Even though Spain, Germany, and Italy have dominated the European Football for most of the time, it seems that there might come a time in future when English clubs would take over the football world. 

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