Facebook Ceo Zuckerberg Refuse to Testify- Snubs Canadian, UK parliaments
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Facebook Ceo Zuckerberg Refuse to Testify- Snubs Canadian, UK parliaments 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

On Wednesday the CEO of Facebook was again unavailable to face a joint panel of Canadian and U.K. lawmakers that are carrying out investigation of fake news.

Mark Zuckerberg did not make himself available to honor an invitation from Damian Collins a British Member of the parliament and also Bob Zimmer who is a Member of the Canadian Parliament testify on the information and data privacy practices on facebook.

According to a letter written on Zuckerberg’s behalf to the lawmakers by Rebecca Stimson,  Facebook head of UK public policy and Kevin Chan Facebook’s head of Canada public policy, it was stated that ‘it is not possible for Mr Zuckerberg to be available to all parliaments.’

The letter also stated that although, it was not possible to accept the invitation, they were fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and that they were willing to provide all relevant information that may be needed for their enquiries. The letter was dated 2nd of November although, it was not made public until Wednesday.

The October 31 invite given to Mark Zuckerberg by Damian Collins for him to testify was the second chance he had to appear before the British Parliament. He had earlier declined a previous invitation from the when the Cambridge Analytica Data scandal occurred. There was a breach sorts of that enabled a British firm to obtain data wrongly from 87 million users of Facebook.

Chan and Stimson said that apart from turning down the invitations of the lawmakers for Zuckerberg to come testify, Facebook was complaint in all other areas.

They wrote that they have and will always give full cooperation with all the relevant regulators. They also stated the fact that in the investigations of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook was not found to have played a role as there was no evidence seen.

Zimmer and Collins acknowledged the fact that Zuckerberg may not be able to appear before every parliament in the world, it is imperative that he testifies in agreement countries at the very least because Facebook users deserve some accountability directly form Zuckerberg.

In previous times however, Zuckerberg have testified before the European parliament and also before the US Congress.

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