Famous food research is under the question 

Famous food research is under the question

We must definitely be thankful to researcher Brian Wansink who helped the whole nation to pay attention to what we actually eat.

However, the new research may show that his own research is false. And Wansink will have to leave Cornell University after a new investigation proved that there was misconduct.

Wansink was the head of Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University. He also was a part of the Department of Agriculture. He made several types of research on healthy food and eating, the psychology of eating and control of portions of food.

No one expected what happened this Wednesday when leading journals of medicine refuse his six articles. Concerns on his methods and conclusions were spreading among the scientific world.

And this Thursday Wansink resigned after 14 years of his work in a university. His contract was active until the last day of June 2019.

While Wansink says that he believes his studies were accurate and he still believes in conclusions he made, Cornell University officials confirmed that this man has made misconduct in his findings.

This news will be hard to get used to for Wansink who usually was highly quoted by medical journals, was a guest on TV, and was a creator or a part of official food initiatives.

Among his latest but already retracted papers was a research about how watching TV action shows lead to higher consumption of food. There also was a statement on hungry shoppers can definitely buy more calories, as well as preordered school lunch can encourage better choices of food by children.

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