Follow the bid between the Government and departments for liquor prices

Follow the bid between the Government and departments for liquor prices 

Last updated on June 30th, 2018

The controversy between the national government and the departments arose as a result of Law 1816 of 2016 ordering the DANE to certify the maximum price of sale to the public of alcoholic beverages.

The departmental leaders assure that the method applied by the entity has generated a considerable reduction of their income of about 630 billion pesos.

In addition, they claim that they have received a “de-compulsive” treatment from the entity’s director, Mauricio Perfetti, who, they say, failed to comply with a final appointment and that led them to take the decision to file a lawsuit before the administrative law courts.

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The Director of the Dane, for his part, responded in a letter that the entity has been willing to comply with this provision in a technical and concerted manner with the territorial entities.

“Evidence of this is that between September 2016 and June 2018 we have held 16 meetings in which the departments that have requested it participated, the National Federation of Departments and the DANE,” said Perfetti in his letter.

He said he was surprised by the statements made by the governors before the media, because the meeting that allegedly failed to comply had been postponed by mutual agreement and on the part of the entity there was never a disrespectful treatment.

“I would like to reiterate that DANE has accepted and attended the 16 meetings that have been mentioned, and has always expressed its technical position with respect,” he said.

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In their communication, the governors asked President Santos to intervene immediately to solve the problem. “The governors make a call, Mr. President, to repeal immediately the 2018 price certification and issue a new one adjusted to the provisions of Law 1816 (Liquor Law)”.

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