Former content moderator blames Facebook for PTSD 

Former content moderator blames Facebook for PTSD

One of the biggest social networks in the world Facebook is sued for giving one of their former content moderators PTSD.

Selena Scola blames Facebook Company for making her watch multiple numbers of very distressing images that gave her post-traumatic stress disorder. Usually, PTSD can be met in soldiers who suffered from seeing horrifying pictures of war, taking part in furious combats, etc.

She says that social mogul does not provide proper health care program to moderators, who usually have to see all the worst content from the whole world day by day.

Scola filed her complained in San Mateo, California, court on Friday, 21st of September. This complaint may become class-action lawsuit, if San Mateo’s court will agree. It claims that there are many more moderators hired by Facebook who suffered from the same stress as Scola.

Meanwhile, there is no specific account on her usual work, as Scola does not want to violate terms of agreement she signed with Facebook before she start to work there.

She worked in the company from 2017, June to 2018, March as a content moderator, at Facebook’s contractor Pro Unlimited. This organization is named as defendant in suit.

According to the complaint, Scola was constantly exposed to the thousands of videos, broadcasts, and pictures of violence. Her daily tasks developed her PTSD. She says she still suffers from this disorder.

She claims that her PTSD may appear when she even touches computer mouse, watches TV with some violent scenes, hears loud noises, etc.

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