Popular Game Fortnite may be Overtaken by Tetris 99
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Popular Game Fortnite may be Overtaken by Tetris 99 

Fortnite is a cultural phenomenon that has taken gamers by storm. In 2018, Fortnite had over 200 million players and made almost 2.5 billion dollars.

Gaming competition was high with many similar games coming into the market. None as strong as Fortnite, though Red Dead Redemption 2, Apex Legends, the latest Call of Duty and Black Ops 4 are all coming soon.

Now, Tetris 99 appears to be the game of choice, taking on Fortnite.

The traditional Tetris game had nothing to do with guns or bloodshed. It was a game of strategy, where the player had to fill blocks. Tetris 99 is a new game, with a battle theme, and has just been launched during the latest Nintendo Direct.

Tetris was hugely popular in its time. Tetris 99 will hold on to its original format, with the player having to arrange the falling tetrominoes into lines. But this time around, they are adding opponents. If a player can see his opponent’s lines are filling up well, they can send over a ‘garbage’ block to knock him out.

The last player standing will win.

Tetris has been smart, making their way back into the gaming world, giving players not just strategy games but a whole lot of excitement, including a little combat. Gaming developers need to be on top of their ‘game’, with tough competition and an audience that wants plenty of action.

Tetris was originally released in 1988 – that is more than thirty years ago. There are many old gamers who fondly remember the game. The developers have constantly found new ways to bring the game back to the fore – last year Tetris Effect was big on the market.

Tetris may not be as well received by the younger market, who found Fortnite and Apex Legends, but it could surprise us all. The game can be downloaded already, but players will need a Switch and Nintendo subscription.  There are special offers available so best you check it out online.

Tetris is a game of strategy and line clearing – think Pacman but with a lot more punch – and Tetris 99 is still all about strategy but with competition and action involved too. Gamers today like competition and while there is still a place for the ordinary Tetris, Tetris 99 may well take the gaming market by storm.

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