French Parliament Divided Over “Black Friday Sale” and “Block Friday”
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French Parliament Divided Over “Black Friday Sale” and “Block Friday” 

The Black Friday Sale is affecting not just shoppers and sellers but the entire retail industry now. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, the day has been strategically moulded by sellers to attract more and more customers. Prior to this trend, consumers waited till Boxing Day to get huge bargains, but the trends have changed now.

Even the ones who are not directly indulging in the Black Friday sale are getting dragged into the frenzy as its virtually impossible to stay away from the heavy discounts. Small retailers and sellers are having reduced sales as people prefer buying from big brands at discounted prices.

Pertaining to the ill effects of the sale on the planet, the French parliament is debating to ban it. The parliament claims that the trending sale encourages people to place unnecessary orders leading to overproduction. Moreover, it is flouting the strict French rules set for sales periods.

Speaking of the negative impact on the environment, the ecological transition minister of France, Elisabeth Borne has warned people against the “frenzied consumerism” related to the sales weekend. On November 25, MPs decided to add the proposed ban to an “anti-waste” bill that will be put on debate in the parliament in December, cracking down on “over-consumption”.

The amendment was brought forth by the former environment minister of France, Delphine Batho, under the accusation of over-consumption. As per a former member of President Emmanuel Macron’s LREM party, MP Mattieu Orphelin said, “Black Friday celebrates a model of consumption that is anti-ecological and anti-social.”

Conservative MP Eric Woerth, president of French parliament’s finance commission said, “What right does she have to meddle in our lives? People have the right to launch advertising campaigns to consume and people have the right to consume, as long as it’s responsible consumption.”

Outraging the feelings of environmental activists, the anti-capitalist groups have pledged to come up with a “Block Friday” operation to disturb the Black Friday sale. 

Some people are in favour of the sale and despise the idea of “Block Friday”. For instance, the trade council of France claims that after having suffered a drop in business for several months of crippling “yellow vest” projects, the government “should rejoice rather than deplore (Black Friday) as everything that kick starts and maintains consumption is good for commerce and thus for the French economy.”

Mental health counsellors like Heidi McBain LMFT have also spoken on the issue. As per her one of the primary ways in which Black Friday can affect your brain and mood is via shopping. Rather than making the utilitarian purchases that are necessary for you, people make hedonic purchases just for the sake of pleasure.

Moreover, the Black Friday sale encourages impulsive buying that creates a hedonic rush in our brains and so people tend to buy things they don’t really need.

Different countries in the world have adjusted to the trend in their own ways. For instance, even though Thanksgiving is not a celebrated holiday in the Middle East and Friday is a weekend day for them, they have given in to the American tradition to catch up with many international brands and referred to the discounted spree as “White Sales”.

At a point when the world is already suffocating in the heaps of waste produced every day, encouraging sales solely for capitalist agenda must not be taken constructively!

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