From better to the best as International relationships prosper for Qatar
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From better to the best as International relationships prosper for Qatar 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

H H the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has begun his tour of four days to Latin America countries (Ecudador, Peru, Argentina and Paraguay) on Monday. The current development in the State of Qatar is a reflection of its growing relationships worldwide, which have improved despite blockade.

Growth and success of any economy is directly dependent upon tapping the most useful resources, which helps in maintaining good international relationships. Therefore, the current trip of H H Emir Tamim to four Latin nations, is expected to give its economy a further boost. The ongoing trip also puts light on HH Emir Tamim’s ideology of ‘dialouge as the best solution.’ According to which, connections become stronger with communication.


HH Emir Tamim has begun his tour by meeting Ecuador’s President, Lenin Moreno. The meetup between the two overlooked the ways of enhancing cooperation in fields of common interest, especially in the areas of energy, infrastructure and other fields.

The relationship between the countries is really strong and H H Emir Tamim expressed Qatar’s confidence in the Ecuodorian economy. The talks also included the ways of strengthening political, economic and trade fields and in various arenas.

The two countries have already signed the following agreements, Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income ,Agreements for the development and introduction of modern methods of training experts in the field of international relations, Information exchange in the fields of teaching and scientific research etc..
The diversification forms a major part of Qatar’s 2030 vision and the nation has already taken some giant strides towards it.


Qatar and Peru are expected to high highhandedly sign a number of agreements as H H Emir Tamim visits the nation. The bilateral relationships will be the key when the two leaders meet. According to the Ministry of External Relationships of Peru and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar, both the nations are working towards several accords, which will be signed during the meeting.

The legal framework of operation is important for both the nations to progress regressively. Thus, volume of trade exchange, forms an important potential for both the nations. Also, the analogy of success is directly dependent upon how the net import and export is maintained by both the sides.

The diplomatic relationships between Peru and Qatar have now lasted for almost three decades. However, the partnership also overlooks the protection of environment, which is indeed a brilliant strategy.


Argentina and Qatar share great understanding on several issues and their history of diplomatic relationship dates back to 1974. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the two in February 1994.

H H Emir Tamim last visited the Republic of Argentina in July 2016, and signed multiple pacts. The fields targeted include economy, commerce, industry, sports, and tourism and culture. Therefore, the following meeting will target not only the same fields, but will also look forward to broadening the horizon of modernization.


Paraguay and Qatar share good relationships at the world stage. The two economies act as ‘an eye for an eye’ and have thus flourished together. Their relation in political, economic, investment, cultural and other fields has yielded great results.

The Embassy’s role has also been extraordinary and it has maintained contacts with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to move important files and documents. Therefore, just like the other meetings, the push on different dimensions of economy looks certain even this time.

Political stability is the key factor for any economy of the world, and H H Emir Tamim certainly knows the right direction to accomplish the desired results. With his visits he is not only accomplishing right results, but is also securing a better tomorrow.

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