China will Avoid Hong Kong Related Questions in G20 Summit

China will Avoid Hong Kong Related Questions in G20 Summit 

The upcoming G20 summit in the middle of the ongoing Hong Kong protests has created a burden over the Chinese government. As a protective measure, China on Monday decided to avoid discussions related to Hong Kong during the summit.  

G20 summit, which focuses on the reestablishment of the financial system on the global level, prioritising economic growth and international trade, has now included issues related to migration, digitisation, employment, healthcare, women empowerment and development aid. Adding these, the summit aims at improving the existing policies, minimising the responsibilities of organisations working individually.

The announcement came after it was noted that US President Donald Trump has plans to discuss about the massive Hong Kong protests during his G20 summit meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, which would take place in Osaka, Japan on June 28 and 29.

The Hong Kong protests over extradition to China severed with each protest as the government showed no signs of backing down over the introduced bill.

The Protestants’ fears that the bill would open them to the mainland Chinese laws, hindering their individual freedom, heightened the prevailing challenges in Hong Kong. While the Chinese government largely supported the extradition bill, claiming it to be an act of avoiding Hong Kong, become a mainland for criminal refuge, the continuous protests led to the suspension of the bill on June 15. The protests are expected to continue further unless the bill is fully withdrawn.  

It is a world-known fact that China, despite being a powerful economy, has always tried to exercise its powers over Hong Kong. The extradition bill again was a small attempt by the Chinese government to get it involved in Hong Kong’s political and diplomatic matters, violating the citizen’s basic rights and freedom. However, with the withdrawal of the extradition bill, Beijing separated itself from the entire affair, claiming itself to be innocent.

Following the arrival of the G20 summit, the Chinese analysts expect that the bilateral talks between Xi and Trump with complete focus on US-China trade war would result in great outcomes, bringing in economic growth for both the countries. Moreover, the Chinese assistant foreign minister Zhang Jun has clearly denied talking about the Hong Kong protests during the summit, claiming it to be China’s internal affair.

The question arises as to why China is reluctant to discuss about the ongoing massive political unrest in Hong Kong in the G20 summit, besides holding its stance and claiming that the extradition bill is a saviour for the Protestants and the people of Hong Kong. The governments should realise that avoiding deliberation is not a way to resolve the growing conflict. Instead, proper steps and policies, mitigating the existing controversies, need to be taken for the benefit of all.  

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