Go-Jek: A new contender in the ride-hailing market of South East Asia
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Go-Jek: A new contender in the ride-hailing market of South East Asia 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

Indonesian ride-hailing firm Go-Jek has come up with a new beta app to compete with its competitor, Grab, in Singapore. As more and more people are using ride-hailing apps than ever before, the firm is trying to take over the Singaporean market.

Go-Jek’s new app was expected for a few months now. The company has been trying to expand itself in the South East Asian market for a while, and the app, which is likely to dominate the ride-hailing market, is finally available.

However, the application is not yet available everywhere and on all devices. Starting 28 November, the new beta app can be downloaded on iOS and Android versions. It hasn’t yet surfaced on Google Play, but would be available very soon.

Launching under the same name

The launch of the new app comes soon after Go-Jek opened its driver registration last month, in the city-state. This resulted in speculation that the full launch would take place shortly thereafter, and in fact, it took just six weeks for the company to launch in Vietnam as Go-Viet, followed by a soft opening.

The app is rolling out in batches so that it can offer services that are balanced, as per the demand.

“Our expansion strategy involves talking to stakeholders within each local market to determine what will work best for them. For Singapore, our discussions revealed that there was enough brand recognition and understanding of our company to justify the usage of the Go-Jek brand,” said a spokesperson of the company.

The brand

Go-Jek is a recognized brand in South East Asia, in the same way, that Uber and Lyft are recognized brands in the USA and Europe. The company is upping their competition within South East Asia, in the same way, that Uber and Lyft have upped the competition for one another in other continents.

Go-Jek already provides various other services in Indonesia and Vietnam, including digital payments and food delivery service. Think Uber and Uber Eats, Go-Jek works exactly the same way.

“It is with great pride that we begin the roll-out of our services in Singapore,” said Go-Jek president Andre Soelistyo. “We are launching in beta now, while we fine-tune to make sure it meets the high standards expected in Singapore.”

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