Leadership Panel of Gojek Undergoes Changes as Nadiem Makarim Resigns
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Leadership Panel of Gojek Undergoes Changes as Nadiem Makarim Resigns 

After Nadiem Makarim announced his resignation from Gojek on October 21, a Gojek spokesman clarifies that even though he will no longer hold any executive or advisory role in the firm, he will keep his stake.

The spokesman for Gojek said, “He will be a passive shareholder. No role within the business and no influence on the company.” He refused to give details about the size of Makarim’s stake in the firm valued at $10 billion.

Nadiem Makarim has now been summoned by the State Palace and is all set to join President Joko Widodo’s cabinet. Expressing his happiness on getting the opportunity, Makarim said it was “a big honour to be able to join the cabinet” and that Prime Minister Joko Widodo would announce his specific role later in the week.

Following further transitions in the leaders’ panel of Gojek Group, the Corporate Affairs Chief Nila Marita announced that President Andre Soelistyo will be replacing Makarim. She added that Kevin Aluwi, the co-founder of Gojek will be sharing responsibility as co-chief executive.

As per her, the appointment of Nadiem Makarim as a Jokowi minister is a source of pride for the company.

Serving as a tough competitor to start up Grab, Gojek is backed by tech giants such as Google and Tencent.

In another news that came out recently, Gojek along with Grab has signed a memorandum of understanding with Indonesia’s state-owned electricity provider, Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) to improve the electric vehicle industry of the country.

Other firms involved in the memorandum are Blue Bird, the biggest taxi operator of Indonesia, Chines automaker BYD and Indonesian public bus operator Transjakarta.

The main aim of the memorandum is to see Grab and Gojek build a network of electronic charging stations for electric vehicles.

As highlighted by The Jakarta Globe, an English newspaper in Indonesia, Gojek is planning to initiate a healthy business by planning to go public in near future. As per sources, the Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Gojek, Michael Say said, “Gojek’s founders want us to launch an initial public offering within the next three or four years.”

With respect to trade relations, the Indonesian government views Middle East as an important trade partner. As the bilateral trade between Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates is improving every day, it is quite possible that firms like Gojek will soon gain stronghold in the Middle East and people like Nadiem Makarim can further boost relations with the Middle Eastern countries.

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