Grand Hyatt Hong Kong: A Marvelous Way to Entertain Your Dreams
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Grand Hyatt Hong Kong: A Marvelous Way to Entertain Your Dreams 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

Achieving dreams is not a one day journey. It takes hard work, passion, and most importantly the will to never back down from challenges. Situated in the heart of the city, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong continues its dauntless track record and has hosted several dignitaries and Heads of State.

The unbeatable records and the exceptional list of accolades, which keeps vamping up is another reason why the glory of the hotel speaks for itself. Also, as the 30th anniversary of the hotel approaches next year, Richard Greaves, General Mangaer and Area Vice President, has more than just one reason to pop up the bottles of champagne.

Here is the look at the reason, which makes this hotel a class apart.

According to Greaves, there is never a boring day at the hotel. The hotel is always busy hosting week-long investor conferences for bankers and fund managers, or managing the big visits for a Saudi Arabian prince and his entourage.

The city of Hong Kong is itself an exciting package filled with surprises. Last year, the world’s most expensive pink diamond was sold for a record $71.2m at Sotheby’s auction. This year, the most expensive painting in the city was sold for $35m at Art Basel. Interestingly, right next to the Hyatt hotel.

Greaves, while describing how his move to the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong said, I was intrigued by Asian Culture. The next thing I knew, I was on a plane to become Hyatt’s Assistant Banquet Services Manager in Macau.

He also described his work experience and said, ‘looking out onto Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline, I dare say that we are front-row witnesses to the city’s evolution. Besides, rewinding his days he also pointed out, how they watched the British delegation arriving with the Royal Navy in front of their hotel.

The hotel never sees to amaze because every guest is given the due attention he deserves. It promises a place for celebrations, romantic getaways, family reunions, company gala or even industry-wide conference.

The hotel best serves empathy and care because it tries to feel and understand the guest’s perspective, and also ensures that every service it provides is flawless.

The best-in-class service, and the happy place where lavish events take place, makes everyone believe that this place is indeed better than the best.

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