Hearthstone to Get New Nerfs from February
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Hearthstone to Get New Nerfs from February 

Starting February 5, new set of nerfs for Hearthstone will be available, as announced by Blizzard Entertainment. Most of the Classic and Basic sets – that are a part of the digital game since the beginning – will see major changes.

Hearthstone, known as the king of digital card games, has more than 100 million registered players. Game’s most powerful class, Hunter, will see two of its strongest cards getting a makeover.

“We’re changing these particular cards because each one has been highly prevalent, regardless of what strategies have been popular or what other cards have existed around them,” Blizzard says in its blog detailing the nerfs. “When Basic and Classic cards become this ubiquitous, they take away some of the flexibility players have when building decks, ultimately stifling the diversity of decks we see when playing Hearthstone.”

Classic and Basic cards, including Cold Blood, Flametongue Totem, and Hunter’s Mark, will see their mana cost go up by one. Equality card that turns all minions’ HP to 1 will go up from mana two to four. There is also a possibility of Shrink Ray card moving to Paladin secks from its current place, Rastakhan’s Rumble.

Hunter is expected to get a card nerfed, but not from the Classic or Basic sets. Kobolds & Catacombs expansion’s Emerald Spellstone will go from five mana to six, giving Hunters a chance to fill their board with 3/3 wolves early in the game. However, this power will come at a not-so-cheap price.

Earlier, Blizzard was quite skeptic about the changes it made in the existing cards, over the time; it has relaxed its methods and brought in changes at regular intervals. This will be the second set of nerfs to happen during Rastakhan’s Rumble that was released early December.

As Hearthstone’s current rotation cycle is coming to the end, these nerfs are surely a plus point in the game. As soon as the next expansion kicks off, cards from the three oldest non-Basic or Classic sets, including Emerald Spellstone, won’t be eligible in Standard formats. Also, the Hall of Fame cards are no longer eligible for Standard.

Hearthstone players are excited about the new changes. Till the new expansion doesn’t come out, updates like these are important to keep the users happy and engaged.

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