Hong Kong Extradition Bill: Protests continue on Handover Anniversary
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Hong Kong Extradition Bill: Protests continue on Handover Anniversary 

The Hong Kong extradition bill that has given rise to massive protests, creating a situation of complete disorder in the country, got worse today. Prior to the starting of the annual rally, which marked the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from British to the Chinese rule, certain protestors took to the streets, confronting with the riot police with freedom calls over the controversial bill.  

It is not the first time that the citizens have protested against the Hong Kong extradition bill, which they fear would take away their sovereignty, and right to free will. The bill would allow the city to open up to the mainland Chinese law that has different legal traditions. Thereby, sending Hong Kong’s citizens, who are deemed to be criminals, to the Chinese trial courts for justice.

Though the government of China is responsible for Hong Kong’s defence and foreign policy, the latter for now enjoys its independent set of laws. It follows a “one country, two systems” rule, wherein the country gets to enjoy various freedoms that are not included in China. One of the major freedoms they get is the freedom of protest and a much-cherished independent judiciary.

The belief that the extradition would take away their freedom and ruin Hong Kong’s rule of law has led to dissatisfaction amongst the citizens who are outraged and concerned. These protests have also mounted immense pressure on the government. Even though they have now suspended the bill, the demonstrators have been calling for complete withdrawal.

The protestors believe Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, to be one of the biggest threats as she has largely been in favour of the Hong Kong extradition bill. Thus, their anger and frustration against the leader has prompted outcries for her resignation, who had appeared to attend the anniversary ceremony, accompanying her husband.

Criticising the Hong Kong government and its governing ways, Lam said that the government needs to change its style of governance to be more accommodating, open, and pledged to do more for the young people. She condemned the protests and rejected the calls to step down from the bill.

Observing the crowd’s continuous demonstrations against the bill outside the Convention and Exhibition Centre, the prosecutors took initiative to separate them. Wearing their helmets, the police started moving together towards the activists with warning signals. They even deployed huge security around the venue.

The passing of Hong Kong extradition bill has become an arduous task for the government. Though they have suspended the bill on temporary basis, the opposition members have called for its complete withdrawal, which would otherwise agitate the demonstrators, leading to more rallies. It appears that with the extradition bill, China would get full authority in Hong Kong’s political and criminal matters, hindering the Hong Konger’s human rights.

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