Hong Kong Protests on Rise Prior to China’s 70th Anniversary
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Hong Kong Protests on Rise Prior to China’s 70th Anniversary 

The coming six weeks are extremely crucial as very less time is left for the anniversary of People’s Republic of China and the Hong Kong Protests have been aggravating the situation from the beginning.

The streets of Hong Kong witnessed almost two million protestors marching with unshaking determination on Sunday. Even after heavy rains, weeks of clashes from the police and threats from Beijing, the protestors stand tall and firm with their demands. 

After forcing out Chiang Kai-shek’s regime to move to Taiwan, the Communist Party leaders named the People’s Republic of China. The 70th Chinese anniversary to be held on October 1 will witness a military parade via Beijing that will be personally inspected by President Xi Jinping. In order to avoid any headlines before the protests, it is estimated that Xi will avoid using any kind of violence.

The protest initiated as an objection to the extradition bill that created much controversy. Last week, the demonstrators did some sit-ins at the Hong Kong airport. This can be seen in response to a video that went viral about a protestor being brutalised by Hong Kong police during a protest. Beijing viewed this incident as being close to terrorism.

Some people are estimating that the resume of schools in September will put a full stop to the protests. However, students are planning to continue with the strikes even during their class schedule.

Due to the increased tensions in the city, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, is under pressure to find a solution for the Hong Kong Protests, without using any violence. Also, Xi will have to mobilise the People’s Liberation Army to maintain law and order.

About the protests held on Sunday, Grace, a Hong Kong citizen, stated, “I would say protesters are furious, and [that the airport protests] encouraged more people to be here today.” She added that the response to the airport controversy and Beijing’s increased actions of military force at the Hong Kong border have encouraged many protesters to demand more radical reforms.

In the past few weeks, the Police have been inclined to use violence in the Hong Kong protests. Use of nonlethal forces and tear gas by the police has been recorded several times. Protestors like Grace believe that October 1 could be a day of reckoning as China will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Communist rule.

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