Hong Kong Protests Take Massive Turn with Subway Platforms Blocked
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Hong Kong Protests Take Massive Turn with Subway Platforms Blocked 

On Tuesday, another incident of blocking of roads, public transport, and trains, alongside the crowding of subway platforms, as a part of extending the Hong Kong Protests was seen in the territory. The rush created delays in the public transport networks, leading to a total chaos, which further added to people’s agitation.

The Hong Kong protests that started with peaceful demonstrations against the government’s now suspended extradition bill became a wide “non-cooperation movement” initiated by the Hong Kongers. Over time, these protests have turned into violent demonstrations against the governmental authorities.

The obstruction of the public transport network by people wearing masks, led to huge problems as the suspended services between Tiu Ken Leng and Kwun Tong stations affected four stations. Not only that, the obstruction by the hard-core demonstrators also affected the Island Line, connecting the key commercial districts in the territory.

In a number of incidents, the protestors together obstructed the train doors, because of which the operators of the MTR Corporation also suspended the train services between Causeway Bay and Quarry Bay around 10:30 am. The public was diverted to take shuttle busses with services resuming around 11 am.

The analysts believe that Monday’s news conference, where in Beijing’s top body for Hong Kong affairs voiced their clear support for the prosecutors and leaders favouring the extradition bill, were the main reasons for today’s early morning protests. Based on the violence that has engulfed the entire territory, the officials have widely criticised the Hong Kong protests.

On July 21, hundreds of armed men attacked the civilians, passengers, in the Yuen Long MTR station. The mob attack, which happened when the pro-democracy protestors were returning home to Yuen Long after a series of protests, injured around 42 people.

According to some sources, the MTR drivers, disappointed by the rail operator’s mishandling of the incident, have threatened to go on a strike. As has been noted, the rail operator told the passengers to get out of the train, while the mob was approaching to beat them on the platforms. It was viewed as one of the worst outcomes of the Hong Kong protests.

It has been apparent that the Hong Kong protests have resulted in a total disruption throughout the metropolis. The government’s way of neglecting the protestors’ demands, which largely includes the withdrawing of the extradition bill along with the unconditional release of arrested protestors and setup of independent commission for investigating the police, have further led to extreme situations in the country.

One of the greatest aims of the protestors is to protect the democratic rights that seem to have been under huge threat, if the extradition bill were to become a law.

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