Hotel at the world’s end offers terrific view of Northern Lights
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Hotel at the world’s end offers terrific view of Northern Lights 

Iceland is that one country where the scenery is spectacular, the light is incredible, and you will not find traffic on the roads. Once you are out of Reykjavic, which is a beautiful city, you will find peace, quiet and the most astonishing beauty.

If you want to go to the world’s most remote hotel, then consider the Ittoqqotoormiit Guesthouse, found in the village of Ittoqqotoormiit. The hotel is surrounded by glaciers, icebergs, and mountains, and the air is the cleanest here. All you have here is breathtaking natural beauty, the northern lights, and very few people.

The hotel is located in Iceland’s highest mountain, which also happens to be the Arctic’s highest mountain, Mt Gunnbjorns Fjeld. It’s in one of the biggest national parks in the world, the National Park of North-East Greenland.

At the Ittoqqotoormiit Guesthouse, you may get to see polar bears, wolves, and whales, and if you’re lucky, the northern lights from the comfort of your room! You can fly from Reykjavik to Akureyri, stay here to see the fjords and whales, and then continue on a smaller aircraft and helicopter flip to Ittoqqotoormiit.  We did say it’s remote, which means you have to travel extensively to get there. But once you’re there, it is perfect.

You can book all your side excursions directly at the guesthouse, although it is a good idea to make all your arrangements in advance. It would be sad to arrive there and not be able to go sledding, boating or snowmobiling. There are many activities on offer, each one more stunning and exciting than the previous. Dress warm and just remember, this place is tiny. There is just one grocery store, and while your guest-house will have everything you need, you do want to go prepared.

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