Infantino Backs Change in Club World Cup Rules

Infantino Backs Change in Club World Cup Rules 

Gianni Infantino, FIFA President, has expressed his happiness over the changes confirmed in March for Club World Cup. The FIFA President is sure that the changes introduced will make a positive impact on the game.

The changes include addition of more teams along with the qualification criteria of teams in the tournament. Some football organisations have not accepted the changes that are due to be introduced in 2021 Club World Cup.

During the announcement, Gianni Infantino said since the popularity of club football is rising in different countries, therefore the organisation is responsible for the development of the sport across the globe.

The motion to implement the changes was approved by 25 votes to seven. As per the announcement, eight groups having three teams each will be participating in the tournament from 2021. The top teams from each of group would then participate in quarter-finals of the tournament.

This change means eight European teams; six teams from South America, three teams each from Africa, Asia, and North/Central America, and one from Oceania, will be participating at the tournament.

The European teams will be chosen from the winners and runner-ups of championship league and Europa League. The teams from South America will be chosen from the teams having recently won Copa Libertadores.

The UEFA and European clubs have been opposing the changes introduced by FIFA. The European board members tried their best to avoid the changes by voting against the decision.

According to the European clubs, any new change will upset the current schedule of each match and tournament, which has been fixed till 2024.

At the same time when changes were introduced, the European Club Association (ECA) sent a letter to FIFA stating that every member of ECA will be boycotting the tournament of 2021. Board members of various clubs including Barcelona, Manchester United and Ajax have signed the letter.

Couple of weeks after the decision of FIFA, the chairman of ECA and Juventus Andrea Agnelli, expressed their disapproval over the decision.

She said, “The main priority at this stage must be for stakeholders to engage in a detailed assessment of how the landscape of international football might evolve post-2024 prior to addressing specific competitions. FIFA’s decision to revamp its Club World Cup starting 2021 is one ECA cannot support.”

Gianni Infantino has acknowledged that there are concerns about the changes introduced.

The changes will surely affect the current schedule of future matches and tournaments. However, the decision made by Gianni Infantino, to implement changes in the Club World Cup, is appreciable. It will certainly improve the condition of football and skill of football players in various countries, including Asia.

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