Instagram creators leave Facebook 

Instagram creators leave Facebook

Two co-founders of one of the biggest social media service Instagram are leaving Facebook, the parent company of Instagram.

Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom have resigned from Facebook. It was confirmed by Systrom’s official statement. According to it, they are planning to leave in the upcoming weeks.

Systrom revealed that they don’t have any current plan. They just want to take some time off and to think about plans for the future. According to him, they will continue to explore their own creativity and curiosity.

They want to make a step back, as it was said in a statement. It can help them to find inspiration and create something new, something that the world will need.

While both the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and Systrom never said a bad word about each other, reporters from Bloomberg reveal that there was some kind of tension between the three of them. They could not agree on a direction for Instagram. Especially, it was about Instagram Stories, which is a copy of the content format of Snapchat. According to the source, Instagram co-founders were forced to agree on it by the parent company.

The stress was increased by Zuckerberg’s refusal to give co-founders more autonomy in their own project.

Instagram started with being an app for location check-in named Burbn and went to the photo sharing system in the 2010 year. After a couple of years, Facebook bought it for 1 billion dollars. They have almost one billion users across the world. It is the 3rd largest social network in the world.

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