Japanese Emperor Akihito Ends his Reign with First Resignation in 200 Years
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Japanese Emperor Akihito Ends his Reign with First Resignation in 200 Years 

Emperor Akihito, 125th emperor of Japan, is all set to leave the kingship after ruling for three decades.

The Emperor will resign on April 30, and his son, Crown Prince Naruhito will be the new emperor of the country. Akihito is said to be the first emperor to resign in 200 years.

The Crown Prince will resume the position of the emperor from the following day.  However, his formal declaration as a king is scheduled to take place on October 22.

In August 2016, stating health reasons, Emperor Akihito expressed his desire to leave the throne till the time he is capable and before his health further deteriorates. The Japanese government approved the resignation of the current emperor as a one-time law as Japan’s Imperial House Law allows the succession only after the death of the current ruler.

59-year-old, Crown Prince Naruhito is a musician and a passionate trekker and is the eldest of two sons of the Emperor. He has studied history at the Gakushuin University and has spent two years in Harvard. The Crown Prince has also written a paper on the Thames River transport systems during 18th century.

During the rule of Emperor Akihito, there have been significant changes in the country. The population of the country is experiencing a downward trend standing at 126 million. Talking about trade relations, Japan and China are much better terms than Japan is with the US.

The country is among the top tourist destinations due to the introduction of Rugby World Cup this year and Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020. In the reign of the current emperor, women empowerment has risen from less than four percent to 14 percent.

Following the resignation, Akihito will hold a new title of Emperor Emeritus and will no longer be a part of any royal activity. He is said to move to Takanawa Imperial Residence along with his wife Empress Michiko and after the formal declaration of Naruhito as King in October, Akihito will move to Togu Palace on the Akasaka Estate, Tokyo.

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