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Lawmakers of New York are thinking about arts impact on the state 

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018

Lawmakers of New York are thinking about arts impact on the state

How arts and other cultural organization can impact local economies? The same question is bothering lawmakers of New York.

New York Assembly has announced a special hearing this Wednesday that will take place in Manhattan, to understand what part belongs to art in the economy of the state. They will discuss different arts organizations and their influence on the market.

According to the official information, there will be leaders of different arts organizations who will speak about their role in the economy of New York. They will also explain their main goals.

New York lawmakers believe that this meeting will help them to learn whether investments from the state into different arts can increase the level of tourism, raise the level of new vacancies and wake up the economic activity of the city.

The official numbers from state records show that cultural and arts organizations gathered over 114 billion dollars and brought to the economy of New York. According to this data, in the 2015 year, the arts and culture area helped to provide 460 000 jobs to the people of New York.

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