Post ME Incident Response Service, Japanese Companies Plan Cybersecurity
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Post ME Incident Response Service, Japanese Companies Plan Cybersecurity 

Increasing cybersecurity threats and data thefts have aggravated problems for digitally advanced business ecosystem these days. As Japanese companies strive to make connectivity fool proof ahead of Olympics 2020, the leading cybersecurity services and consultancy provider of the Middle East – Help AG, has launched incident response service for easing the identification of cyber threats.

As stated by a representative of Cybereason (a cybersecurity service provider), Yukimi Sohta, the four-year Olympic ban on Russia and stressful bilateral relations between Japan and other countries have put 2020 to be a really bad timing for Japan. With the rising global tensions, possibility of cybersecurity threats and attacks is also rising.

Threats recorded in April 2019 forced government to set up a cybersecurity response centre to help Japanese companies. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Olympic Organizing share information and take action as and when required. Despite this, analysts necessitate companies to take their own precautions.

Several Japanese companies with critical infrastructure have been adopting strong measures against cybersecurity. For instance, in 2018, Tokyo Electric Power set up a cybersecurity centre.

The need to concentrate on cybercrimes can be viewed based on a report published in 2018, by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies and McAfee. The anti-virus software provider claimed that cybercrimes sap the global economy of about $600 billion a year.

As compared to their counterparts, Japanese companies spend less on cyber defences. As per Norihiko Ishihara of Cybergym, Japanese companies just started becoming aware of the importance of cybersecurity. 

While Japan is still figuring out ways to avoid cyberattacks during Olympics 2020, cybersecurity service provider Help AG has come up with a new Incident Response & Forensics Service to help Middle East businesses improve their fight against advanced cyber threats. In case of cybercrime incidents, the service will empower security teams to drastically reduce the time taken for identification, remediation and response.

Besides identifying threats, Help AG will work to provide measures for addressing the root cause of the incident and prevent reoccurrence in future. A research conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2019 reported that Saudi Arabia and the UAE witness the world’s second-highest cost impact from data breaches. Losses reached to US$6 million per incident.

Speaking on the recent contribution by Help AG, CEO Stephan Berner said, “Cyber-attacks are an inevitability and time is the most critical element in the subsequent incident response chain. However, Middle East businesses are facing an acute shortage of cybersecurity resources which greatly encumbers their ability to detect, contain and mitigate threats.”

He added, “Our new service offers enterprises a truly unique cybersecurity edge. With their ability to ‘think like hackers’ our team of qualified experts can rapidly identify and isolate threats, thereby enabling our clients to effectively contain the impact of an incident and maintain business continuity.”

The Incident Response Service was unveiled at the flagship event of Help AG, ‘Security Spotlight Forum’ in the UAE. With this new launch in the Middle East, it seems that Japanese companies will have to catch up on their cybersecurity services.

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