Medicines Discovery Institute: A Revolution in the History of Drugs
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Medicines Discovery Institute: A Revolution in the History of Drugs 

With the launch of Medicines Discovery Institute, Cardiff University has stepped up the development of new drugs for mental health and central nervous system conditions. The new institute aims to develop novel medications to improve the lives of people across the world by focusing on areas of unmet clinical need.

The institute is located in the School of Biosciences with access to contemporary facilities that provide an ideal environment to undertake the research. 

Medicines Discovery Institute is a unique platform for collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, which aims to identify and produce new drug candidates by bringing together world-leading scientists. It covers modern drug discovery across the spectrum of oncology, immunity, neuroscience, and central nervous system diseases.

The institute promotes links between researchers and the pharmaceutical industry, allowing them to translate their research into real products that can improve the lives of people all over the world, where Wales will be the centre of medical innovation.

European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales and the European Regional Development Fund funded a part of Medicines Discovery Institute. They aim to deliver modern drug discoveries to improve established treatments, either with new approaches to old targets or by developing innovative approaches through new targets.

Medical Research Council invested £3.5 million to the Medicines Discovery Institute with the help of which the team will focus on improving anxiety medications and will develop drugs that will reduce the side effects associated with the benzodiazepine, a class of anxiolytic drug.

National Health Service in the recent studies revealed that almost half of the adults in the country take prescription drugs for either prevention or treatment. Thereby, providing a centre of excellence and translating research expertise into new treatments for use in the healthcare environment – sole purpose of the institute.

The Medicines Discovery Institute will provide excellent facilities needed to support pioneering research developing capacity to produce exciting and often life-changing research in Wales. It aims to translate fundamental discoveries in disease processes and the identification of molecular targets into new drugs.

Professor John Atack, Co-Director of the Medicines Discovery Institute, said: “The exceptional scientific environment within the Cardiff area means we are ideally placed to translate basic science into patient benefit”.

The new research on anxiety disorders is historically important, as this area of mental health has not received the attention that it deserves in spite of such disorders being so prevalent in society.

It can be concluded that the Medicines Discovery Institute will provide state of the art facilities to support the development of new treatments and medications and in the process of which Wales will remain competitive in the global economy.

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